Accessibility Information

We have constructed this website, comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA). We have tried our level best in developing site according to The World Wide Web Consortium Guideline (W3C) adhering sensibly and practically to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG – which is checklist to ensure that the websites are designed and written accordingly).

In some cases we have not adhered some checkpoints due to page beatifications. We have used HTML, CSS, javascript and PHP for developing this websites. We have checked web accesability tool bar to make sure that it is as accessible for many people including those people who uses assistive technology including screen readers and those who are not able to use mouse. The Page is screen readable and mouse, key board or both usable.

The Background colours are strong enough, so that the contents are visible properly. Text sizes are big enough. Those who need more text sizes, can be adjusted with their browsers.

e.g. In Firefox Browser, go to menue bar
View -> Zoom -> Zoom In (Cntrl++)/ Zoom Out (Cntrl+-)
To reset to Normal View -> Zoom -> Reset (Cntrl + 0)
In Internet Explorer (IE)
View -> Zoom -> Zoom In (Cntrl++)/ Zoom Out (Cntrl+-).
To reset to Normal View -> Zoom -> 100%
OR View -> Text Size->Largest
To reset to Normal View -> Text Size->Medium
In Google Chrome
Zoom-> Larger (Cntrl+ +)/Smaller(Cntrl+-)
To reset to Normal Zoom -> Reset (Cntrl + 0)
It should be similar in other browsers as well.
This website is Best viewed in 1024 x 768 pixels and above. Browsers like IE 5.5 and above, NS 6 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome etc.
Headings in the websites are made bigger than the normal texts.
Links provided are sensible. Images except spacers are containing alternate texts.
Visual presentation are defined in CSS, even then some cases it is embedded in the page too.
If you still find it difficult with reading the content or using the mouse or key board please visit the websites or call them on 0800 269 545 for further details of assessing your computer requirements.

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